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STFU Im back now.
Monday, July 15, 2013 ? 0 Atashinchi ?
Halo halo halo halo!!!!!! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Guess what? It looks like I doesn't update for thousand years! and suddenly Im back now! Mwahahahahahaah! Im back now! IM BACK! IM BACK NOW TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD! MWAHAHAHA! Ok. im going crazy for a while. 

So, hello lads, readers, mate. Do you guys miss me? I ASSURED YOU GUYS MISS ME because I already gone and just left my blog 'tergantung-gantung'. Hehe. Don't worry. Im still alive and Im the actual human who wrote this post. Hehehe. How are you? Im pretty wonderful. I don't know where this feel come from and want me to update a (lot) story for you guys. Im pretty wonderful though and I don't know how was this post going to happen next. Just check it out tut tut tut..

So obviously, I already gone for 8642961381 years because Im not busy, Im not focus on study, I just......lazy. Yeah that's the real me of me. Wohoo. so don't you ever judging me. IM A TEEN SO I HAVE MY OWN LIFE AND LIVE IN A LAZY DAY, LAZY GIRL, LAZY WHATEVER LAZY!!! (wow. I used alot of caps lock word) *turn off the caps lock* Alright. Im just lazeyyyy to update because my daily activities just only wake up, go to school, back home, open my laptop (and wifi), and just connected it and open tab and search twitter. My daily activities just with twitter, twitter, twitter and twitter. 

and since Im being a DIRECTIONER (oppss sorry), I loved to keep in online and watch their update. Who is 'their'? 'Their' is One Direction!!!!!! Don't you ever tell me that you don't know them. If you do, you can just put you head in the toilet bowl and flush it. Ok. They are my idol. my life. my future husband. my everything. my soul and what so ever. Sometimes people said to me that 'why are you keep in love with them meanwhile they don't know you?' so, i just answered it with simple 'why are you breathe meanwhile you know will die soon?' hahaha. I just got the answered from my directioners mate. Thank you thank you.

I just don't know why, i just tooooooooo obsessed with them. They have a nice voice, nice attitude, HOT body shape and perfect! Just whala! *ignore my french* but i just have one small matter (but for me it is big), it is...I can't meet them. Because? we're very very very far apart. I hate long distance between us. Im at Malaysia meanwhile they are at London! (now they're on tour). Hm. Why is life doesn't perfect for me? I don't have their stuff, their sign, neither a picture with them!!! Oh gosh killing me. I just have a picture of them on the wall and I can afford all of their stuff. because I live in Malaysia. 1 dolar in US is like RM3 in malaysia. 

One day I saw one direction online shop malaysia and I want to but some of the stuff that they sell, but all of it f*cking expensive! Niall's doll is RM200!! How can I afford that. Poor me :( But I believe, one day I will meet them, hug them and tell them that I love them so much. Nothing can replace you guys (except my boyfriend) Whooop! Who is my boyfriend? Hahaha. Hush up. I won't tell you. Hehehe. So, I'll make sure that all of haters who are always said 'you will not meet him. forever' that I already meet them and I will make your jaw dropped hit the floor and won't close it anymore. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!! (crazy ona is crazy)






Here! Im present to you! ONE DIRECTIOONNN!!!

I love you guys. and I know you love me even if you don't know me. Whatever matter is, one day I will meet you and the first thing I want to do is hug you and tell you I love you. I will love you the whole entire of my life. Forever...Forever love you. Xx

Thanks for reading :)

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