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Best Song Ever and baby Theo ✌ ‏
Sunday, July 28, 2013 ? 0 Atashinchi ?
Hello people! How are you everyone? Im great here getting more skinny because it is ramadhan! hehe and we need to fast (cant eat and drink) and all stuff. Btw, we have so much and we really really love when this holy ramadhan was coming! yeay. 

So. today is 28th of July 2013 and 5 days past was One Direction's birthday. Em I mean the date 23rd of July was the date when 1D formed! and....... their new song already came out and the title of that song is BEST SONG EVER and it was really really the best!! I just love their MV (Music Video). You guys whoever never watch it yet, you should watch it! Please please watch the MV because it was really really awesome and hilarious. hahahaha. my favourite is when Marcel (harry's character) said "cute as a button every single one of you". it is really cracking me up and the second favourite is when Harry, Liam and Louis watching Veronica(Zayn's character)'s bum when she bent down. OMG Im laughing so hard.

It was the best MV for the best song ever. I admit that. I assured you if you watch this video, you guys gonna love it. but if you're not, please go check your eyes and ears. Get it clear? 

Oh and I forgot to mention that now, Niall being an uncle! Yeayyy! His brother, Greg and wife, Denise already got new son which is named Theo Horan. OMG I swear he is soo cute. Here is the picture of Theo 

and here is Niall with Theo. Awwwwwwwww

I am so happy and congratulations to Greg and Denise and thanks too because giving the new angel in this world and not to forget Niall's parents Maura and Bobby. How is it feel being grandparents? Hahaha. btw, Theo. If I can't get your uncle, I'll get you soon. MWAHAHAHAHA. ehem...

So, this is it my new post and happy with the Ramadhan and I can wait for this Eid. Yeayy! Adios! :)

Thanks for reading :)

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